Questions and Answers


Who knew I would get to the point where people would be asking me what sort of gun I carry every day? Who would have guessed that awkward teenager who joined the swimming team so he would not have to talk with anyone during practice might actually have something to say 30 years later?

I’m humbled by the fact that people might want to know what I carry. For the record, I have on my hip as I type this a Glock 19 Gen 3, nestled in an N82 Tactical Professional Model holster loaded with Hornady TAP 124-grain JHP ammo.


I say this not to imply that any of this gear is the only option for concealed carry. This is stuff that works for me. My way is not the only way. In fact, I was just running holsters from a couple different companies in the past week and I have even been thinking about changing up my carry gun. This is my business. I try out lots of things and assess the pros and cons, then tell as many people as I can what works and what doesn’t work.

But I will never attempt to dictate to you what products you MUST use in defense of your own life. I would add that no one should be allowed to tell you what gun to carry, what holster to use, and what ammo upon which you should bet your life.

Our mission here at the United States Concealed Carry Association is to provide Self-Defense Education, Training, and Legal Protection. You’ll notice it does not say anything about dictating to responsibly armed Americans the type and style of required defensive products. True and effective education only takes place when someone is allowed to explore, experience, and eventually decide based on many factors. If I ever start telling you that you must do something only my way, I give you permission to slap me, once, right on the side of the head (40 percent speed and power, because I’m getting old).

I’m beginning to understand that lots of people want to know what I’m carrying and why, but the truth of the matter is there are lots of good products out there and the good products will serve you whether I use them or not. What fits my hand or works with my body shape or fits my lifestyle may not work perfectly with yours. So I can’t tell you EXACTLY what you must use, but I can get you started along the right path.

I completely understand that it is my job to help you cut through the clutter. Part of what you pay me for is to ensure that you don’t waste your valuable time testing out crappy gear that won’t perform under pressure. And I love this job. I worked really hard to get it. It is the best job I’ve ever had and I will continue to work really hard to maintain the trust so many people have placed in me. But the best I can do is give you a starting point. All the intricate details of fit and function will be different between you and me. So I don’t want you to put on a holster or pick up a gun and say, “Kevin’s an idiot. This is nothing like he said.”

We are all in this together and I continue to learn as much from you, the readers, as I can teach you. Let’s keep these conversations alive. We all have questions and we all want answers.

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